Five minutes of considering the matter makes it clear the the ordinary life of materialistic self-fulfillment doesn't do a very good job of addressing human unhappiness or suffering, and fails altogether at addressing our mortality. This site goes a step further. It points out that the usual reason we give ourselves over to a life of self-fulfillment (despite its serious limitations) is because we aren't aware of any better alternative. But this site points to the real possibility of perfect, unending happiness through spiritual means. Given that as a real alternative, why settle for less?

The culture in which we were raised made our choices for us

We come into our view of reality, not generally as the result of a conscious, free and comprehensive inquiry (based on both intellect and experience), but largely by unconscious cultural inheritance. And we come by our inheritance through both the active advocacy by our culture (or neighborhood, or family) of certain views, and its active suppression or anathemization of others. For this reason, the primary purposes of this website are:

  • to identify, understand, and transcend the (generally unconscious) cultural biases that prevent us from fully exploring (not only intellectually, but also experientially) alternatives other than those we inherit culturally.

  • to paint a larger picture that includes a more comprehensive set of religious and spiritual alternatives than those our cultural biases readily offer to us.

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